OpenEUdebate pre-conference workshop on research outreach for early career researchers

Are you an early career researcher attending ECPR SGEU conference in Rome and keen on discussing the public outreach of your research? Take part in OpenEUdebate pre-conference workshop and apply for one of the 15 travel grants (up to 250 euros per person) to attend the conference.

Workshop for Early Career Researchers at ECPR Standing group on the European Union Conference
Rome, 03/06/2020

Academics are increasingly asked to participate in public debates and comment on current issues. A credible plan for «impact and dissemination» is becoming a decisive checkbox of any successful funding application. As a result, the ability to disseminate research is an increasingly relevant asset in an academic career. But this is happening at a time of fragmentation, polarisation and anti-expert attitudes in the public sphere. Furthermore, public debates have some obvious gender, age, racial and class biases. All these combined make some early career and senior academics wonder whether it is worth at all to be involved in public debates.
The workshop is organised with the generous funding of ECPR SGEU by OpenEUdebate (, a Jean Monnet network aiming to mediate, translate and communicate between different publics and types of knowledge. It intends to raise awareness of the skills required to address publics eager to pay attention to academics, discuss different strategies for outreach and provide networking opportunities. Participants will be given hands-on advice on a dissemination proposal based on their own research (blogs, podcasts, policy briefs for think tanks etc) and given the chance to contribute to the network’s platform to interact with some of the mediators mentioned above.

How to apply?

The call for applications is open to any early career researcher presenting at the ECPR 2020 SGEU conference in Rome. Prospective participants are asked to submit an abstract of the research they wish to communicate (250 words maximum) together with a short outline of a dissemination plan. Participants will be selected according to the quality of the research and dissemination proposals and aiming to a balanced gender, national and disciplinary representation. Apply by email to by 05/03/2020. Travel grant beneficiaries will be notified by 13/03/2020.


14.00 – 14:15 Introduction of OpenEUDebate and of workshop participants

14:15 – 15:00 Roundtable with OpenEUdebate partners involved in dissemination projects

15:00 – 15:45 Short Methodological sessions:

– Writing and Disseminating a Policy Brief

– Methods, Graphs and Hyperlinks

– Policy Impact

– Next Ideas

– To dos and responsibility

15:45 – 16:15 Coffee break

16:15- 17:30 Topic Specific workshops (to be adapted according to participants proposals)